Launch of a new production site!17.11.17

Launch of a new production site!

At the R@PE "RIST" a new production was launched: a section for processing sheet metal. There are 4 units of new modern equipment from the German company TRUMPF on the site, including a laser cutting machine for sheet metal cutting up to 20mm thick by laser, a bending machine, a punching machine and guillotine shears. The best specialists of the enterprise who have received special training are involved to work with this equipment. Such equipment, in fact, is unique in the south-eastern region of Ukraine. Its launch allowed the company to enter a fundamentally new level of production, to increase noticeably the quality of its products and labor productivity. In particular, it became possible to produce products for own consumption, which were previously ordered from suppliers. At the same time, the new production site of R@PE "RIST" is not limited to production only for own needs, we are open to work with potential customers who need services for laser cutting and production of sheet metal parts. Including, we are ready to fulfill orders for welding, painting and assembling of finished metal products.

Your proposals for cooperation can be discussed by phones +38 (050) 3223439 or +38 (095) 8280910.